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Swansboro, NC 28584

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The Swansboro Area YOUTH Development Foundation (SAYDF) was established in the Spring of 2010 as a subsidiary of the Swansboro Area Development Foundation, Inc. (SADF) and is mentored by the SADF Board of Directors. The purpose of establishing the SAYDF was to involve area teenagers in local government, event planning, community development and improvement and to teach them the importance of volunteerism and civic responsibility.

SAYDF MISSION STATEMENT: Through youth involvement, the SAYDF will improve the quality of life for young residents of the Swansboro area through the development of comprehensive programs and services. SAYDF members will participate in fundraising for, and provide input for planning of, the new Swansboro Area Recreation Center.

ELIGIBILTY: 9th-12th grade students from Swansboro High School and Croatan High School.

SAT / VOLUNTEER HOURS (NJHS): SAYDF members will accrue valid SAT, NJHS and other volunteer hours by participating in Board meetings, planning and event execution.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance is important in order to successfully plan event execution. Meetings are held once a month unless we are planning for a fundraising event. Excused absences are given for school and personal conflicts, but it is necessary to report absence to the SAYDF President before the SAYDF meeting. Members are required to volunteer at fundraising events unless excused ahead of time.

Parent approval, support and communication are keys to the success of the SAYDF. Effort is made to keep the lines of communication open with parents by obtaining phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


President: Alexandria Chadwick
Vice President: Cameron Underseth
Secretary: Roni Sabisch
Treasurer: Olivia Robertson


One of our goals this year is to create Bylaws.  It is an opportunity to help the students learn about the importance of organization for our group and having them be able to refer to them in the future.


Youth Meeting

Youth President

Check Presentation

The SAYDF was proud to be able to make a check presentation of $1000 towards the Community Recreation Center and park at the June Town Commissioners Meeting.